2017-'18 Season Coverage
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Saluting Lake County's all-everything teams

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  • George Leclaire/gleclaire@dailyherald.com Grayslake Central's Jordan Taylor (all-Small) shoots past Grayslake North defender A.J. Fish (all-Junior) in Class 3A regional final play at Antioch on Friday.

    George Leclaire/gleclaire@dailyherald.com Grayslake Central's Jordan Taylor (all-Small) shoots past Grayslake North defender A.J. Fish (all-Junior) in Class 3A regional final play at Antioch on Friday.


Our all-area boys and girls basketball teams run Friday.

In the meantime, it's all good. All fun.

As always, my annual Lake County teams include only high schools in the Daily Herald circulation area. So you won't see North Chicago's Aaron Simpson (All-Senior), Highland Park's Lena Munzer (All-Senior), Waukegan's Syerra Cunningham (All-Junior), Zion-Benton's Milik Yarbrough (All-Sophomore) and Lake Forest's Creighton Titus (all-Name) and Evan Boudreaux (All-Freshman).

All set?

All-Senior (Girls): Stevenson G Katie Batman, Libertyville G Alex Haley, Warren G Lexi Leneau, Grayslake Central G Skyler Jessop, Carmel F Sarah McHugh

Comeback season for Haley allowed Wildcats to "3-peat" in NSC. Jessop, the Rams' only returning starter, got them back to the sectional final.

All-Senior (Boys): Warren C Nathan Boothe, Lake Zurich G Mirko Grcic, Warren F Darius Paul, Libertyville G Griffin Pils, Grayslake Central G Jordan Taylor

Boothe (Toledo) and Paul (Western Michigan) committed to D-I schools, then continued to elevate their games during their senior season.

All-Junior (Girls): Vernon Hills C Meri Bennett-Swanson, Stevenson F Alex Elzinga, Grayslake North C Joanna Guhl, Lakes F Terese McMahon, Stevenson G Kari Moffat

Bennett-Swanson became the Cougars' all-time leading scorer during the regular season, then got seven games in the state tournament.

All-Junior (Boys): Vernon Hills G Stephen Curry, Grayslake North G A.J. Fish, Mundelein G Robert Knar, Grayslake North G Danny Mateling, Mundelein F Sean O'Brien

Grayslake Central G Danny Reed can easily be listed here too.

All-Sophomore (Girls): Grayslake Central C Morgan Dahlstrom, Grayslake North G Kendall Detweiler, Carmel G Kathleen Felicelli, Vernon Hills F Sydney Smith, Vernon Hills F Lauren Webb

Strong sophomore class. Could also include Carmel G Cassidy Kloss and Warren G Cassie Christie.

All-Sophomore (Boys): Carmel G Andy Kantor, Carmel F Ian Kristan, Stevenson G Matt Morrissey, Carmel G Nickai Poyser, Mundelein G Nate Williams

Morrissey, an all-area football player, is quickly developing into one of the county's best athletes.

All-Freshman (Girls): Stevenson G Taylor Buford, Mundelein F Natalie Busscher, Lakes F Marisa Merges, Mundelein G Jessica Schultz, Wauconda F Jessie Wood

Buford, Sophia Way and Jackie Green comprised a talented freshman trio for Stevenson, which bodes well for the Patriots' future.

All-Freshman (Boys): Stevenson G Jalen Brunson, Stevenson G Connor Cashaw, Lake Zurich G Mike Travlos

Brunson has star potential. Let's hope he's allowed to talk to the media next season.

All-Defense (Girls): Grayslake North G Jordyn Bowen, Stevenson C Julia Dabrowski, Libertyville C Nicole Kruckman, Warren G Lexi Leneau, Grayslake Central G Skyler Jessop

Bowen is a relentless defender. Coach's kid, and it shows.

All-Defense (Boys): Lake Zurich F Doug Murphy, Mundelein F Sean O'Brien, Lakes C Justin Schneider, Warren G Mitch Munda, Grayslake Central G Savonte McWilliams

Mundelein coach Dick Knar talking earlier this season about the long-armed O'Brien's defense: "I need to keep a stat for altered shots." Murphy and Schneider take more charges in games than most players take in a season.

All-Sharpshooter (Girls): Antioch G Megan Borries, Grayslake North G Kendall Detweiler, Grant G Morgan Jahnke, Grayslake Central G Skyler Jessop, Vernon Hills F Sydney Smith

Special mention to Grayslake Central senior guard Sarah Kuligowski, who won the Class 3A 3-point contest downstate, after attempting only a handful of 3s during the season. She made an amazing 13 out of 15 Friday. COOL-igowski.

All-Sharpshooter (Boys): Round Lake G Juddon Carter, Stevenson G Mike Fleming, Mundelein G Robert Knar, Libertyville G Griffin Pils, Wauconda G Kyle Ryan

Carter become the Panthers' all-time leading scorer. Fleming was MVP at Wheeling. Parents, have your little hoopster study Knar's shooting stroke. Pils dropped 40 on Carmel. Ryan is another shooter with ridiculous range.

All-Small (Girls): Grayslake North G Jordyn Bowen (5-3), Grayslake North G Kendall Detweiler (5-3), Wauconda G Diana Enriquez (5-4), Stevenson G Kari Moffat (5-5), Grayslake Central G Emma Shepard (5-4)

Detweiler's long-distance shooting produced games of 30 and 28 points and helped make the Knights 21-game winners. Moffat could be a Division-I signee by this time next year.

All-Small (Boys): Stevenson G Justin Berkson (5-6), Grayslake North G Nick Carmody (5-8), Mundelein G Thomas Gandolfi (5-6), Libertyville Dan Ryan (5-7), Grayslake Central G Jordan Taylor (5-7)

Ryan is the most energetic kid in the state. Gandolfi drained 1 of the tournament record 15 3-pointers for Mundelein at Jacobs on Dec. 17.

All-Tall (Girls): Vernon Hills C Meri Bennett-Swanson (6-2), Stevenson C Julia Dabrowski (6-2), Libertyville C Nicole Kruckman (6-0), Warren C Jessica Prince (6-3), Vernon Hills F Lauren Webb (6-0)

Dabrowski had a triple-double (points, rebounds, blocks) against Marian Catholic at Maine West. Bennett-Swanson and Webb give the Cougars a great luxury: Two bigs who can dominate games.

All-Tall (Boys): Warren C Nathan Boothe (6-9), Grayslake Central C Casey Boyle (6-9), Carmel's Brandon Motzel (6-7), Warren F Darius Paul (6-8), Lakes C Justin Schneider (6-8)

Here's another big number for Motzel: 32 ACT score.

All-Hops (Boys): Stevenson C Colby Cashaw, Lakes F Direll Clark, Mundelein F Chino Ebube, Warren G JoVaughn Gaines, Warren F Darius Paul

Great entertainment for Mundelein fans: Knar shooting and Ebube jumping.

All-Boy Band: Grayslake North G Nick Carmody, Mundelein G Dylan Delaquila, Antioch G Tyler Innis, Carmel G Billy Kirby, Warren G Tim Pieper

Carmody's nickname is "Bieber." He and the other guys here look like they could still be in junior high or, well, playing in an all-boy band.

All-Name (Girls): Stevenson G Katie Batman, Wauconda F Chavez Coombs, Warren G Cheyenne Fitts, Warren G Lexi Leneau, Libertyville's Molly Moon

Batman played three varsity seasons. What a shame Stevenson never had a girl named Robin in those three seasons. Man, we writers would have played that to death.

All-Name (Boys): Round Lake G Pache Akono, Wauconda F Vlad Dragon, Warren G JoVaughn Gaines, Mundelein G Diamond Hood, Libertyville G Griffin Pils

Something about the name Zack Pick (Round Lake) that I like, too.

All-Rebounding (Girls): Grayslake Central C Morgan Dahlstrom, Grayslake North C Joanna Guhl, Carmel F Sarah McHugh, Warren F Alyssa Phillips, Warren C Jessica Prince

Some players, like Dahlstrom and Phillips in particular, just anticipate well and have a knack for rebounding the basketball.

All-Rebounding (Boys): Warren C Nathan Boothe, Grayslake Central C Casey Boyle, Grant F Jared Helmich, Carmel C Brandon Motzel, Warren F Darius Paul

Boothe had 18 boards in a game against Stevenson.

All-Mispronounced: Stevenson G Katie Batman (BATMAN),Grant F Ilya Kadushin (Ka-DO-shin),Warren G Lexi Leneau (Le-NEW),Round Lake G Danny Uriostegui (Euro-STAY-gee), Grant G Sean (SEEN) Wells

Major pet peeve: PA guys who mispronounce names.

All-Sixth Man (Girls): Vernon Hills G Brie Bahlmann, Grayslake North G Allie Ceglarek, Vernon Hills F Alina Lehocky, Grayslake Central G Michelle Lettenmair, Lake Zurich G Stephanie Schmid

No player delivered instant offense coming off the bench better than Schmid.

All-Sixth Man (Boys): Mundelein G Nate Brune, Stevenson G Connor Cashaw, Grayslake Central G Sean Geary, Warren F Jon Geske, Lakes G Andrew Spencer

The 6-7 Geske probably would have started for any other team in the county.

OK, all done.


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